Towards a Perfect Virtual Reality Experience

  • 2022/04/11 We have worked together with Shiftall Inc. to develop a VR related device

  • 2022/01/31 Announcement on the cancellation of our Kickstarter project

  • 2021/11/05 We will postpone the launch of our Kickstarter project

  • 2021/06/01 The project proposed by Yamato Sakoda(CEO) and Kei Asano (Co-Founder) has been accepted by 2021 Mitou Program
  • Our Mission
    Diver-X’s mission is to maximize human output/experience through enabling human activity in its lowest energetic state. We aim to implement in our product various functions and interface technologies that have been limited as a trade-off for the recent trend towards miniaturization and weight reduction. We are running counter. Maximizing the benefits obtained from the best-fit between the stationary and large-sized structure of our product and human sleeping position, we seek to provide our customers a revolutionary Virtual Reality experience.
    Our Product

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    A ground-breaking VR device optimized for in-bed-use

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    Joint Development

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    CEO / Hardware Engineer

    Yamato Sakoda

    Yamato was awarded the Super Creator of Mito Junior 2019, the Information Processing Committee Chairman's Prize by the Information Processing Society of Japan. He had also interned at the Kuniyoshi and Niiyama Laboratory at the University of Tokyo. After being certified by Masayoshi Son Foundation, he is focusing on VR hardware development at Diver-X.

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    Co-Founder / Software Engineer

    Kei Asano

    Kei is a student at Columbia University. He won the Appliaction Koushien, Unity Inter-High Gold Award, and received the Information Processing Education Committee Chairman's Award at the National Conference of Information Processing Society of Japan for his research on algorithms in video games. He has been certified as a scholar of the Masayoshi Son Scholarship Foundation, and is focusing on VR driver development at Diver-X.

    Our Company
    Company Name: Diver-X Inc.

    Office: 2nd Floor, Shinkawa ST Building, 1-25-2 Shinkawa, Chuuou-ku, Tokyo 104-0033

    President and CEO: Yamato Sakoda