Contact Glove can accurately recreate the sensation of touching objects in the VR space.

A tactile feedback module using shape memory alloy (SMA) coils applies force to the ball of your finger to replicate the sensation of touching or grasping an object.

Current tactile feedback gloves heavily rely on vibration motors to simulate the sense of touch. Tactile feedback using vibration motors has the advantage that the device can be made smaller; however, it is not realistic.

We have developed a module that can apply pressure to the ball of your finger in the same way as when touching or grasping an object in real life, and we have made it affordable and compact enough to be used by consumers.
Our Technology
Haptic feedback module using SMA-derived coils

We developed a compact and inexpensive haptic feedback module using shape memory alloys. The tactile feedback module incorporates electronic circuits and consists of a tubular film that wraps the finger and a coiled shape-memory alloy.

The coils are positioned on each side of the finger and are welded to the film at both ends.
When voltage is applied to the coil from the electronic circuitry inside the glove, the coil self-heats and contracts. As the coil contracts, the tubular film connected to both ends of the coil moves in a way that compresses the ball of the finger. This tactile feedback through compression of the ball of the finger is the innovative aspect of our haptic glove.

The use of shape memory allows the device to be more compact while reproducing a more realistic sense of touch than existing gloves using vibration motors.
Our glove presents a new tactile design that expands the experience of VR games.
Feel the magic of VR in your hand.
Magnetically Mounted Controller
For games that require precise button input, a controller (sold separately) can also be attached. The magnet makes it easy to attach and detach, and as there is no need to grip the glove, the comfort of the glove is not compromised.
Power Supply
The battery packs are easily replaceable for extended periods of play. A separate charger is also available.

Battery duration: 5h without haptics / 2h with haptics
Charging time: 3 hours
Wired Communicaion: USB type-C
Feedback cycle: 5hz
Haptic feedback: 24 point of haptic feedback and one LRA
Finger tracking: Finger bending and thumb spreading

Compatible with Unity, Unreal Engine, SteamVR