Towards a Perfect Virtual Reality Experience
Announcement on the cancellation of our Kickstarter project
Optical system with outstanding view angle and image beauty
In conventional VR devices, there was a limit to the amount of optical systems developers could implement in their product, due to spatial limits.

However, the stationary and large-size design of HalfDive makes it possible to easily overcome that problem. Loading 10 aspherical lenses, we have achieved both a 134 degrees super-FOV, and a significantly improved image quality.
Immersive 3D sound system
Four speakers, placed in order on the HMD so that it covers the user’s whole head, presents the user a high-quality and comfortable immersive audio.
Force feedback
Wire-based force feedback

Our wire-based-force-feedback-module presents the user a sense of touch, sword slashes, and friction within the virtual world, adding to their user experience.
Wind feedback
Wind feedback using 2 fans

Equipping two fans on the upper side of the BMD (Bed-Mounted-Display), we present the user a significantly improved immersive VR experience. These fans have a quiet-mode as well, and can be used to simply enhance user comfortability.
Vibration feedback
Vibration feedback using an audio exciter

Powered by an exciter, HalfDive’s vibration feedback system presents the user highly realistic audios of monsters’ footsteps, gunshots, and environmental sounds, contributing to the user’s highly improved immersive experience.
Foot Controller
Enabling players to move their avatars using our emulation system

Emulating the avatar’s movements with the user’s ankle’s degree of tilt, users can “move (as they would in the real world)” while in a sleeping-posture. (ex. correspond squatting with a certain degree of ankle tilt)
Hand Controller
Coming soon on Youtube...


Degrees of Freedom: 4.5dof (Virtual 6dof)
Optical system: Original optical system using 10 lenses
Field of view: 134 degrees
Resolution: 1600 x 1440 pixels per eye (3200x1440 pixels combined)
Refresh rate: >=90hz
Dial styled IPD adjustment: 58-82mm
Audio: Immersive sound system using 4 speakers
Controller: Two hand/foot controllers
Tracking: Lighthouse supported / Avatar movement emulation system using foot controller
Camera: Keyboard overlay system
Interface: DisplayPort 1.2 / USB3.0 / 3.5mm audio jack / 12V power source / I2C (module connection)
Platform: All SteamVR application supported
SDK: Unity (features dedicated to VRChat) / Unreal Engine
*Product specifications and prices may change without notice.
*Wireless communication features of the controller have been certified in each country.
*Please contact us if you plan to use it for research purposes.
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